Is miraDRY Safe? (And Other Common Questions)

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Are you tired of living with excessive underarm perspiration that leaves you feeling uncomfortable and self-conscious? If so, your medical spa could have the answer. MiraDRY is an FDA approved treatment for excessive underarm sweating that is both noninvasive and effective. Could it be the answer you’ve been looking for? Here is what you need to know about miraDRY.

How does miraDRY work?
MiraDRY uses its own proprietary system of electromagnetic energy called miraWAVE. The miraWAVE system destroys the sweat glands under your arms so that you no longer perspire there. Because these sweat glands only represent about 2% of the glands in your body, your body’s ability to regulate temperature is not affected. The results are permanent and are usually noticeable after the first treatment. Some patients will require more than one session. Your medical spa professional will develop a personalized treatment plan for your needs.

Is the procedure painful?
Before you begin your miraDRY treatment, your medical spa specialist will provide local anesthesia via lidocaine injections. The injections themselves involve a small prick, but most patients find the experience to be very comfortable. Thanks to the anesthesia, your miraDRY treatment will be virtually painless. After treatment, you may experience minor swelling and bruising. These side effects are generally short-lived and are only mildly uncomfortable. Most people resume their normal activities immediately after treatment. Your medical spa specialist may suggest that you delay exercising for a few days as you heal.

Is miraDRY safe?
MiraDRY has undergone stringent FDA testing and is approved as a safe, effective treatment for excessive underarm perspiration. More than 55,000 patients and counting have undergone miraDRY treatments, with excellent safety results. You can feel confident about choosing miraDRY.

EpiCentre offers miraDRY at our medical spa in Dallas as one of the many treatments we provide to help you feel confident and look your best. Don’t let another day of excessive perspiration make you feel self-conscious. Call us today at (214) 887-1577 to make an appointment.

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