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9 Top Medical Spa Treatments [INFOGRAPHIC]

In the past, if you were unhappy with your skin or wanted to fix a perceived flaw with your physique, cosmetic surgery was your only option. Now, thanks to medical spa treatments, you can achieve surgery-like results with safe, non-invasive or minimally invasive procedures that have little to no recovery time. In this infographic from EpiCentre, learn about popular medical spa treatments to treat both your face and body, including CoolSculpting for stubborn body fat, laser skin resurfacing for wrinkles and scars, and Ultherapy for sagging skin. Medical spas can also offer injectables, including Botox and Restylane, as well as professional advice for maintaining good skin health and getting the most out of your treatments. If you are interested in medical spa treatments and skin care near Dallas, visit EpiCentre for a consultation and to find out which procedures are right for you. Help friends and family reclaim their confidence by sharing this information.

Does Women's Skin Age Worse Than Men's?

As shown in this short video, without anti-aging treatments found in medical spas, many women may appear older than men who are of the same age. There are three reasons why this happens.

  1. Men often shave every day, which exfoliates their skin and removes dead skin cells.
  2. Men have higher levels of the hormone testosterone, which creates a layer of oil that protects the skin. Testosterone also thickens the skin layers, which helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines.
  3. Women eventually go through menopause, which decreases their estrogen levels. As these levels drop, their skin thins and wrinkles may become more prominent.

At EpiCentre, men and women can take advantage of our many medical spa treatments. From Laser Treatments to CoolSculpting, we offer a multitude of body, face, and skin care treatments near Dallas. Please call us at (214) 887-1577 to schedule an appointment.

Reducing Belly Bulges with CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting is an innovative medical spa treatment that targets certain areas of the body—usually the abdomen, back, or inner thighs—in a non-invasive, body contouring procedure. With this treatment, minor and annoying bulges can be treated to reveal a flatter and more toned body. Here is a brief look at how CoolSculpting can reduce unflattering belly bulges.

Using cooling technology, CoolSculpting targets the fat cells of the love handle and stomach areas. These fat cells are frozen and killed off, and then the body slowly eliminates them through normal bodily functions. The fat cells will never return, which helps prevent the belly bulge from returning after treatment. Patients should see full results within two to four months following a series of treatments performed by a qualified medical spa technician.

Reduce belly bulges, chunky thighs, and back fat with EpiCentre and CoolSculpting in Dallas. We are proud to help our patients beat that last hurdle to achieve the body they have always wanted, which is why we offer a free CoolSculpting consultation when patients call us at (214) 887-1577.

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