A Look at the CoolSculpting Procedure

CoolSculpting Dallas

CoolSculpting is a revolutionary new procedure offered at top medical spas around the country. These medical spa treatments allow a physician or aesthetician to safely and effectively target fat cells under your skin using a highly precise medical instrument that freezes and eliminates stubborn fat deposits. Keep reading for a look at how the CoolSculpting medical spa treatment is performed.

Before Your Medical Spa Treatment
Before you schedule your CoolSculpting procedure, you will need to have a consultation with a physician or aesthetician at your medical spa. Your physician will perform a physical examination and ask you questions about your medical history, current medical issues, past procedures, and current medications to determine if you are a good candidate for CoolSculpting. If he agrees that you would benefit from CoolSculpting, he’ll schedule your medical spa treatment.

How the CoolSculpting Procedure Is Performed
Your physician will administer a local anesthetic or sedative prior to your treatment. The procedure doesn’t require the use of needles or incisions, and most patients report no pain or discomfort. Your physician will place the CoolSculpting device on the body part to be treated, and the fat cells under the surface of your skin will be gently frozen. The procedure doesn’t take very long, and you can read a book or listen to music until it is over.

After Leaving the Med Spa
Once your procedure is over, you can leave the med spa and resume your normal daily activities. The fat cells that were frozen and killed during your medical spa treatment will be processed and eliminated by your body over the course of about two or three months. The fat is removed permanently, and some patients undergo more than one treatment to ensure that all unwanted fat is gone for good.

If you’re interested in visiting a med spa near Dallas for a CoolSculpting procedure, come see us at EpiCentre. Our talented medical team has extensive experience performing CoolSculpting and other safe, effective medical spa treatments. To schedule an appointment at our med spa, call us today at (214) 887-1577 (Dallas) or (469) 229-0598 (Plano).

Meet Medical Director Dr. A. Jay Burns

At EpiCentre, we have a talented staff of experienced medical professionals who provide the best patient care and medical spa treatments in the area. Dr. A. Jay Burn of Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute is the Medical Director for EpiCentre. He carefully oversees our medical spa staff and practices.

Dr. A. Jay Burns is a senior partner of Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute and continues to teach residents and fellows at University of Texas Southwestern Plastic Surgery Department, which he has done for the last 27 years. He founded the Vascular Anomalies and Birthmark Clinic at Children’s Medical Center. He is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, the prestigious, American Association of Plastic Surgeons, and is a member, past board member and Past President of the largest and most well-known clinical laser organization in the world, the American Society of Lasers in Medicine and Surgery. He has been instrumental in serving on the Scientific Advisory Boards of the most significant technology companies of the past 25 years. This positioning has allowed EpiCentre to bring those technologies to market. EpiCentre has a reputation of being one of the most advanced skin care and laser centers in the nation, bringing the latest and greatest technologies to their patients, such as, Fraxel, Ultherapy, CoolSculpting, MiraDry, Thermage and Halo, to name a few. EpiCentre, led by the doctors of Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute, continue to invest heavily in research and development, working with the leading scientists and technology companies in the world, so that we will be able to offer our patients the best products available to help them realize their skin care goals.

If you’re interested in anti-aging treatments or medical spa treatments near Dallas, come see us at EpiCentre. Our friendly medical spa staff can provide Laser Skin Resurfacing, Ultherapy, CoolSculpting, Injectables, MiraDry, SkinPen, HydraFacials, Chemical Peels, and much more. To schedule an appointment, just call us today at (214) 887-1577 (Dallas) or (469) 229-0598 (Plano).

The Benefits of Laser Skin Resurfacing

laser skin resurfacing dallas

Laser skin resurfacing procedures are quickly becoming one of the most popular medical spa treatments available. Laser skin resurfacing is a safe, effective anti-aging treatment, and can also improve the appearance of mild scars and acne. If you’re interested in younger, healthier skin, keep reading to learn about the benefits of laser skin resurfacing at our EpiCentre locations.

Incredibly Safe and Painless Medical Spa Treatment
Medical spas offer an array of anti-aging options that vary in terms of how invasive and effective the treatments. Laser skin resurfacing is minimally invasive, incredibly safe, and virtually painless. Laser skin resurfacing is so gentle that you can even combine it with other procedures, such as Botox injections or dermal fillers to further enhance the anti-aging effects. The procedure is outpatient and only lasts about one to two hours. Your doctor may administer anesthesia to ensure that you remain comfortable and pain free.

Dramatically Improves Skin’s Appearance
Much like chemical peels and injectables, laser skin resurfacing produces dramatic and noticeable results. Some patients report immediate improvement to the appearance of their skin, but in general, results should be apparent after about one to three months. Fine lines and wrinkles may disappear or become significantly less apparent. Deeper lines will be reduced and less noticeable. Blemishes and discoloration will disappear, and mild scars and acne scars may also be eliminated. The skin will appear smoother, healthier, and younger overall.

No Downtime and Minimal Side Effects
After your laser treatment, you may experience mild itching or stinging, but it should cease after 12 to 72 hours. Your skin will be completely healed after 14 to 21 days. You can resume your normal daily activities after the procedure, though you will need to protect your skin by applying moisturizer and sunblock regularly.

At EpiCentre, we offer a variety of anti-aging treatments, including laser skin resurfacing in Dallas and Plano. You can combine your laser skin resurfacing procedure with our other safe, effective medical spa treatments to further improve your skin’s appearance. To schedule a medical spa appointment, call us today at (214) 887-1577 (Dallas) or (469) 229-0598 (Plano).

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